Boxing knowledge & conditioning with Southern Area and English Champion Billy Allington

Sunday November 19


KOBOX Chelsea

£40 including pro wraps and protein shake

Join Southern Area and English Champion Billy Allington for a knockout Boxing knowledge & conditioning workshop at KOBOX Chelsea this November. This workshop is for anyone and everyone interested in understanding more about boxing, perfecting technique, and footwork, and counter punching skills (self-defence), with a professional champion boxer. Plus, you’ll learn classic training techniques used by fighters when preparing for matches.

This 2-hour workshop will include:

  • Skilled boxing drills
  • Two full body circuits across two sessions
  • Q&A on nutrition, fitness and boxing

Plus, everyone who attends will receive a complementary set of KOBOX wraps – need to protect those hands and wrists – plus a protein shake for muscle recovery and because they taste so good!

Session 1

  • Boxing movement- Covering how to move like a boxer and defend yourself
  • Punching and defending - Specific skilled drills of how to Punch and Roll like a boxer
  • Full body Conditioning circuit
  • Quick break with a Q&A session

Session 2

  • Lateral movement & punching - how to effectively punch and move laterally as a boxer
  • Counter punching. This skill is very important as it teaches how to defend yourself and then come back with a punch combination
  • Full body conditioning circuit
  • Q&A session

Key benefits of this workshop

  • Learn in-depth boxing knowledge and how to apply this knowledge to your boxing in a state-of-the-art facility from a real-life champion boxer, broken down into 4 different areas of focus
  • Improve your boxing skills and boost your confidence
  • Use both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems during 2 world-class, champion-level circuits great for building stamina and strength.

About Billy:

Billy Allington is a Southern Area and English Champion, and has been boxing professionally for the past 16 years. in his latest quest, he challenged for the British super lightweight title! His boxing career has taken him around the globe, coaching the art of boxing in England and the USA for the past 10 years.

During his continued learning, and challenging himself physically, Billy has remained fascinated by what the body can achieve, and says this has been one of the main drivers helping him prepare for 58 competitive contests throughout his career – the latest contest being over 12x3 minute rounds for the British title!