How does KOBOX work?

KOBOX classes are 50-minute high-intensity boxing classes for all fitness levels, set in a state-of-the-art underground fitness studios.

Each KOBOX class is broken down into two parts over different timed intervals. For 50% of the class, our trainers will take you through our signature 6-punch combinations system, which will be projected on the walls or screen for you to follow at your punchbag. For the other 50%, they'll have you working up a sweat on 'the wall' with a range of functional training & HIIT exercises, focusing on a different body part each day. As an example you may be on the bag for 3 minutes then onto the wall for 3 minutes and back onto the bag again.

Each instructor brings something special to their class (including their soundtracks!) so no two classes will ever be the same.

This is boxing. Just not as you know it.

KOBOX Boxing Classes

Boxing will form the basis of every class type. You'll spend around 50% of your time boxing on our water filled aqua bags, boxing through our uniquely designed 1-6 number punch combinations. The aqua bags resemble the same punching experience as in a boxing bout, don’t worry you’ll be the only one hitting! Expect to learn the art of boxing and the technique to match with slips, rolls and check hooks to make you feel like the next Katie Taylor or Tyson Fury!

You'll notice on our Timetable that each day the classes focus on a different part of the body. If you attend class regularly then you'll be working a lot of different muscles across the week. Each workout is individually designed by our elite coaches, which means all workouts are different and no coaches workout is the same. This gives our members a unique experience to trial and find the right coach you ‘vibe’ with and join their ‘tribe’ of members!

Here's a short guide to each class type and what to expect . .


Focuses on every muscle above the waist to shape and tone your upperbody and core. Think push ups, overhead holds, TRX work and more.


Focuses on every muscle below the waist to shape and tone your legs, glutes and core. Think squats, jumps, holds and more.

Full Body

EVERYTHING GOES!! Expect to use every muscle including the ones you didn’t know you had! Our specially designed ‘Wall’ equipped with resistant bands, weight plates, TRX cables and medicine balls will push you to your limits!


Stripping it all back with no equipment on the ‘Wall’, you will experience your own inner strength by using just your body. You Vs You!


TRX uses your own body weight and gravity, along with suspension equipment as resistance to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The perfect boxing combo for core strength and full body power.


All the power and heat of a regular KOBOX class, with a little extra squeeze. The same workout in less time. Plus, you'll get a free shake when you book this class via KOBOX.

Ready to book and experience KOBOX?

Booking a KOBOX Class

Our state of the art KOBOX fitness studios let you workout in your own space at your own pace. When booking a class you will need to book your space using a floorplan. You'll be able to select a W, B or DB spot before confirming your booking.

W = Wall

B = Bag

DB = Double Bag

You'll alternate between rounds of boxing on the aqua bag and rounds of high intensity functional training and HIIT exercises on 'the wall'. If you book a bag spot you'll start on the bag and swap to a wall at points in the class and vice versa. If you choose a DB spot you will box for the whole class and will not take part in the wall section.