First timers:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to attend the induction 10 minutes before class with your trainer. If you are new and not there by the time the induction starts, you cannot attend the class for health and safety.

  • Please let your trainer know if you have any injuries or if you’re pre- or post-natal.

  • We go hard at KOBOX so wraps are required for every class. We cannot allow you to take the class without wearing wraps but you can buy wraps in-studio for £6 (standard) or £12 (gel wraps). If you purchased an intro offer, wraps are included in the offer.

What to expect from your induction:
  • Our trainer will take you through our signature 6-punch combinations, your boxing stance and footwork
  • The format for the class, half the time spent on the bag and half on the wall (unless you've chosen to double bag!)

How to wrap your hands:

It is important to wrap your hands when you box because it helps to protect your hands and wrists from injury, while also providing additional support and stability for punching.

"I have been doing KOBOX classes for a year and it is so good! It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you have - this workout will make you feel so energised! Highly recommended!"

Candy Reyes - KOBOX Facebook review

After class:

Firstly, you're going to feel great! Those endorphins will be pumping and you'll be raring to book your next KOBOX class.

If you pre-ordered a shake, head to the shake bar to collect it and refuel post-ride. Shower towels are provided and our changing rooms are stocked with Cowshed shampoo, conditioner and body wash with hairdryers and other products to leave you feeling fresh post-class.

And before you leave, make sure you let us know how your first class went. We love chatting with our new members and welcoming you into the KOBOX family.